Agata e la tempesta

Agata e la tempesta

a film by Silvio Soldini
Italy/Switzerland/UK 2004, 35mm, 118′, o.v. Italian

Festivals & Prizes

48. Solothurner Filmatege, 2013
10th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, 2006
24th Int. Istanbul Film Festival, 2005
40. Solothurner Filmtage, 2005
Nortel Palm Springs International Film Festival, Palm Springs 2005
Sevilla Festival de Cine, 2004


One day Agata discovers that her brother Gustavo is not her real brother. She is already living a complicated life filled with love stories that took her far away, a twenty-year-old daughter studying in another country, and her library that she manages with a passion. This new development upsets her with an unimagined force.
Gustavo is stunned; he leaves his wife, his son and his architectural studio and goes to live in Cicognara, where his real brother lives. His name is Romeo, he is a sales representative, he passionately loves his wife Daria who is constrained to a wheelchair, but he also has many love affairs. He drags Gustavo into helping him realize his dream of a trout farm. Agata does not really understand well what is going on around her. She falls in love with Nico, a young man who has been courting her for some time; but the most curious thing are lamps and light bulbs that, evermore frequently, burn out just as she passes near them. Agata begins to ask herself if she might be the cause of this. Then when one day she happens to see Nico kissing a blonde girl, and a nearby stoplight goes out causing an accident, Agata begins to really worry about this phenomenon seriously.


Licia Maglietta, Emilio Solfrizzi, Giuseppe Battiston, Claudio Santamaria, Marina Massironi
Silvio Soldini
Albachiara in association with Lumière & Co

Amka Films Productions and RSI - Swiss Television, Mercury Film Productions

With the support of:
Eurimages, Ministry of Cultural Resources and Activities DGC, Federal Office of Culture (DFI), Republic and Canton of Ticino
Swiss distribution:
Columbus Film
international sales:
Adriana Chiesa Enterprises