¿Asì son los hombres?

¿Asì son los hombres?

a documentary film by Klaudia Reynicke
Switzerland 2013, HD, 56′, o.v. French/Spanish/English

Festivals & Prizes

Visions du Réel, Nyon 2013
15. Festival Filmar, Geneva 2013 – Audience Award


In 1986, at the age of ten, Klaudia leaves her native country, Peru, to settle in Switzerland along with her mother. From that point, their family in Peru starts filming the life that Klaudia and Margot can no longer see. Klaudia and her mother do the same from Switzerland. The tape correspondence lasts four years.
About twenty-five years after having left her country of origin, Klaudia finds the VHS tapes of her childhood. By watching the tapes as an adult, it makes her wonder:
What is behind the image of family unity and what had been the price to pay for the women of this patriarchal family who had to maintain the role of good wives and good mothers?
To try to answer these questions, Klaudia decides to investigate with the women of her family in Florida. She meets her mother Margot, aunt Cecy, her grandmother Nelly, and her niece Mia. Through stories of past and present, Klaudia gradually discovers the difference between the world where she grew up and the woman that she has become.


Margot Reynicke, Cecy Reynicke, Nelly Reynicke, Mia Staley, Klaudia Reynicke
Klaudia Reynicke
Amka Films Productions

RSI - Swiss Television

With the support of:
Federal Office of Culture, Fonds de production télévisuelle S.À.R.L, Fondo Filmplus of Italian Switzerland, Republic and Canton of Ticino, Göhner Foundation