INVELLE (Nowhere)

INVELLE (Nowhere)

an animation film by Simone Massi

Italy, Switzerland 2023; 90′; o.v. dialect, Italian; sbt. English, Italian

Festivals & Prizes

Biennale di Venezia 2023


In 1918 Zelinda is a peasant child with a mother in heaven and a father at war. She’s forced to leave her childhood behind and commit to housekeeping, to rearing her siblings and cattle. There comes the day when Zelinda has a mother and a father once again. At the village fair, the child clings to her father with eyes wide open to let in everything she sees. No matter how real or dreamed up it was, Zelinda has seen it all and has her own idea of how the world spins.
It spins so fast, that her story suddenly becomes someone else’s. In 1943 Assunta is a peasant child who lives standing on one leg, her head in the clouds and on a war footing (there goes another one!). As soon as she gets a chance, Assunta makes herself a new colorful dress, jumps and oops-a-daisy!, the war was just a big joke—or it’s over anyway.
War is over (maybe!), and a whole world disappears along with it: a jump that’s bigger than it seemed. In 1978 Icaro is a peasant child who spins in circles. He has to do—and he will—what his mother and grandma dreamed of many years ago, something that wasn’t possible for them. And those who lived before them. And before. Even long before.


Simone Massi
Simone Massi, Anne Paschetta, Alessio Torino, Luca Briasco, Julia Gromskaya, Nello Massi, Assunta Ceccarani
Simone Massi, Lola Capote Ortiz, Alberto Girotto
Sound engineer:
Stefano Sasso, Riccardo Studer
Lorenzo Danesin
Salvatore Pecoraro, Daniele di Gennaro

Amel Soudani, Olga Lamontanara, Rhea Plangg, Michela Pini for Amka Films