La scuola è finita

La scuola è finita

a film by Valerio Jalongo
Italy/Switzerland 2010, 35mm, 82′, o.v. Italian

Festivals & Prizes

Moviemov, Italian Film Festival, Bangkok 2011
Castellinaria, Bellinzona 2010
Festival Internazionale del Film, Rome 2010


The Pestalozzi Institute, Rome. A state school like many others, where students and teachers experience the same boredom and weariness.
There are “uplifting” moments, however, because Alex Donadei sells them in colored pills during recess. That’s why Alex is so popular with the kids and so disliked by the professors. With the exception of professor Daria Quarenghi, whose counselling center is engaged in a lonely attempt at rescuing the boy, and professor Talarico, who one morning sees him hauled out of class by the principal.
Daria and Talarico are not model teachers and saving someone like Alex, who has always hated school, will in any case be almost impossible. And were that not enough, the two professors vie for the attentions of the boy, engaging him in an educational and emotional relationship outside the rules and involving him in their own problems and passions.


Valeria Golino, Vincenzo Amato, Fulvio Forti, Antonella Ponziani, Marcello Mazzarella, Silli Togni, Cecilia Broggini, Roberta Fossile, Tatiana Winkler
Valerio Jalongo
Ameuropa Italie, Amka Films Productions

Rai Cinema (Italy), RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera (Switzerland), SRG SSR idée suisse (Switzerland)

With the support of:
Federal Office of Culture, the Ministry of Cultural Resources and Activities, General Department for the Cinema
Swiss distribution:
Filmcoopi AG, Zürich
international sales:
Adriana Chiesa Enterprises