Le pere di Adamo

Le pere di Adamo

a documentary film by Guido Chiesa
Italy/France/Denmark/Switzerland 2007, 90′, o.v. Italian

Festivals & Prizes

Roma Film Festival, 2007


Man ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge and began to know, to understand, to distinguish.
And from that moment onwards his troubles began. Perhaps he would have avoided many if had noticed that on that tree, in addition to the apples, there were also pears… Early morning, a procession of people on the road: protesting because the industrialists, the unions and the French government have decided to modify their unemployment benefits. An age old problem, a common image. Their shouts awaken a funny little man who lives in the comic strip that serves as our guide window into the film. The little man moves to the window and considers how the people in the procession move like a line of clouds. Like the clouds they can bring problems or solutions. Like the clouds they come, form and then go away. And then they return. It’s a poetic consideration, a bit eccentric. But for our little man, it becomes a challenge of thought and imagination: can we really create a rigorous and scientific analogy between the clouds and social movements? The protagonists of the film, in addition to the little man of the comic strip, are: the movement ‘Intermittents du Spectacle et des précaires’ (Part time workers in the world of entertainment) which in 2003 upset the French cultural summer, the Italian meteorologist and climatologist Luca Mercalli, and the Scottish mathematician/musician Iain Mc Larty.


Luca Mercalli, Iain McLarty, Francois Loic Glasman, Mariline Gourdon, Mitsou Doudeau, Sandra Bechtel, Giuseppe Battiston
Guido Chiesa
Orione Cinematografica (Italy), IMTM Film (France), Offbeat (Denmark) - Amka Films Productions (Switzerland)