Runa llacta

Runa llacta

a documentary film by Stephanie Rauer
Switzerland/Spain/Ecuador 2016, XD Cam, HD 422, 55′, o.v. Spanish/Italian, sbt. Italian


They are standing in front of supermarkets and parking lots. The musical beggars from Ecuador live right next to us. We all see them and yet they seem to be invisible. It took me three years to earn their trust. Jorge Ramirez is the only one that overcomes his fear and allows me to tell his story. Ten years after he had left, he returns to his homeland for the first time to meet his two daughters, whom he had left as young children in order to emigrate to Europe. As a father, he must face up to reality: The two do not need him any more – only the money he sends them each month.


Stephanie Rauer
Amka Films Productions, RSI – Swiss Television