Songs of love and hate

Songs of love and hate

a film by Katalin Gödrös
Switzerland 2010, 90′, o.v. German


Not long ago she was just a little girl. Now Lilli has become a young woman. She insists on locking the bathroom door. And her father avoids romping with Lilli like he does with her younger sister. Her mother attempts to understand. These developmental changes confuse Lilli as she vacillates emotionally between a need for love and aggression. Intuitively, she realises that the profound family bonds have irrevocably changed. She resorts to ever more drastic measures in her struggle against the inevitable departure from childhood paradise. The film tells of the power that children have over their parents – and the power of parents over their children. A universal story about temptation, lying, persuasion and truth.


Sarah Horvath, Jeroen Willems, Ursina Lardi, Joel Basman, Luisa Sappelt, Mira Elisa Goeres, Lilian Fritz, Stéphane Mäder, Aaron Hitz, Andreas Matti
Katalin Gödrös
Cobra Film AG

Amka Films Productions, RSI - Swiss Television

Swiss distribution:
Filmcoopi AG, Zürich
international sales:
Cobra Film AG