Sorelle d’Italia

Sorelle d’Italia

a documentary film by Lorenzo Buccella and Vito Robbiani
Switzerland 2010, 78’, Digital Betacam 16:9 stereo, o.v. Italian, sbt. English


A journey through the feminine universe across Berlusconi’s Italy. From North to South, from the historical residence of the (former) Prime Minister, Villa San Martino in Arcore to Villa Certosa to his summer palace in Sardinia. 101 women, encountered by chance along the roads of several of the old city’s centers, tell us who Silvio Berlusconi is for them. A way to travel through the imagination of a country dominated by the overwhelming presence of its most well-known man. Nobody more than he has succeeded in uniting as well as dividing the Peninsula in such a radical way. Above all as it concerns the feminine part of the population.


Lorenzo Buccella and Vito Robbiani
Alessandra Bonzi
Sandro Schneebeli, Maurizio Forte, Rino Scarcelli
Mediatree Productions and Amka Films Productions, Switzerland