Souko, cinématographe en carton

Souko, cinématographe en carton

a film by Issiaka Konaté
Burkina Faso 1998, 35 mm, 30′, o.v. Bambara, sub. French/English

Festivals & Prizes

Cannes Junior 1998 – Jury Award
French Cooperation for cinema 1998 Award
Castellinaria. Festival internazionale del cinema giovane Bellinzona, 1998 – Audience Award
Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Films, 1998 – Best Short Film of the South Honorable mention
FESPACO – Ouagadougou Panafrcan Film and Television Festival 1999 – “Young Public” Award, Best Short Film Special Mention, Spécial Créa’son Award, TELCIPRO Award, TV5-Cirtef Award


The small city of Bobo-Dioulasso (cultural capital of Burkina Faso) finds its tranquility completely disrupted by a cardboard projector, one of the many clever toys created by the children of the town.
Inspired by the films “CRIN BLANC” and “LE BALLON ROUGE” (by Albert Lamorisse) screened at a school run by missionaries, the children, their attention distracted from their usual games, attempt to prolong in their own way in neighbourhoods of their city, the magic of those films that captivated and fascinated them so much.
Using a box as a projector, a long band of paper (film) made up of cut out drawings and a white sheet hung on a clothes line, a miraculous event happens while the children are ‘projecting’ their ‘film’.


Barou Traoré, Seydou Mare
Issiaka Konaté
Amka Films, Switzerland; Renardes Productions, France
international sales:
Amka Films