Volo in ombra

Volo in ombra

a documentary film by Olmo Cerri
Switzerland 2012, DCP, 52′, o.v. Italian/French, sbt. German/French


“Army pilots, before becoming pilots, they simply have the dream of flying.”
André Ruchat was one of them. His dream was broken on Octer 25th, 1960 on the runway of Meiringen’s airbase. He was 24 years old. He left a young wife, Flora and his newborn baby Anna. And a long trail of questions. Questions that have grown with Anna and have driven her, while writing a book, to a personal research of the complicated truth hidden between youth’s dreams, family secrets and state affairs.


Olmo Cerri
Kathrin Plüss, Olmo Cerri
Original music:
Vent Negru – Esther Rietschin and Mauro Garbani
Conservatorio Internazionale Scienze Audiovisive Pio Bordoni – CISA

RSI Swiss television and Amka Films Productions SA