Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender

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Love Me Tender

a film by Klaudia Reynicke
Switzerland 2019; 83′; o.v. Italian; sbt. Italian, English

Festivals & Prizes

72° Locarno Film Festival 2019 – Cinéastes du Présent
Toronto International Film Festival 2019 – Discovery
BFI London Film Festival 2019
16° Festival de Cine Sevilla 2019
AFI Festival 2019
10th Athens Avant Garde Film Festival 2019
Pöff23 Tallin Black Nights Film Festival 2019
55° Giornate di Soletta – Panorama
Il Cinema Svizzero contemporaneo –13>21 May 2020 (online)
Festival del Cinema Svizzero, Venezia – 13>21 May (online)


The daily life of a 32-year-old woman suffering from agoraphobia, SECONDA, suddenly changes when her mother dies and her father abandons her. Alone and unable to leave her home, she clings to the phone messages of a snarling bailiff who one day stops calling. Unable to end her life, she offers a deal to SANTO, a bottle collector: she will give him her house in exchange for her own murder. Santo runs away, leaving Seconda alone in her despair.
The only link she has left with the outside world is the repetitive and disconcerting visits of a little girl who attacks her from the outside, pushing her to the brink.
In order to feel protected, Seconda wears her blue suit and goes out, walking in the streets of her city in search of her freedom, until she confronts her own demons that she will have to face.
A tough and determined anti-super heroine, she will achieve this with her own resources.


Directed by:

Klaudia Reynicke

Assistant Director:

Giorgia de Coppi


Tiziana Soudani, Michela Pini and Gabriella de Gara for Amka Films Productions


Alessandro Marcionni for RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera

With the support of:

Republic and Canton of Ticino
FilmPlus Fund of Southern Switzerland
Migros Cultural Percentage
Succès Passage Antenne
Ernst Göhner Foundation
Stagepool Focal
Ticino Film Commission

Swiss distributor:

First Hand Films

International sales:

Summerside International

Foto HD