Monsieur Pigeon

Monsieur Pigeon

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Monsieur Pigeon

a documentary film by Antonio Prata
Switzerland 2019; 57′; o.v. Italian, French; sbt. Italian, French

Festivals & Awards

18th International Festival Signs of the Night – Bangkok 2020 – Best documentary Award
Mediterraneo Video Festival – Ascea 2020 – Jury Special Award


Giuseppe lives in a van in the heart of Paris, a few meters from the Beaubourg. He stopped communicating with his fellows a long time ago, and his daily life is barely shaken by the frenetic rhythm of the thousands of people who cross the Marais every day.
He devotes his days and resources and shares his physical and mental space with the pigeons, the birds that populate the cities. These mistreated animals, the old man defends and feeds them, despite the daily threats and aggressions.
If pigeons were once considered reliable messengers, today they are the animals that man hates the most.
In a Paris wounded by the attacks, which is looking for a way to react to fear and confusion without losing its soul, Giuseppe is immersed in his microcosm imbued with poetry. He observes his surroundings, convinced that the world has long since lost its soul.
This documentary is an urban fable that tells us about the loneliness and the ruins of a society in which any gesture of rebellion seems to drown in indifference.



Giuseppe Belvedere, Morgan Richar

Directed by:

Antonio Prata


Tiziana Soudani for Amka Films Productions


Silvana Bezzola for RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera

With the support of:

RSI Radiotelevisione della Svizzera italiana
Republic and Canton of Ticino
FilmPlus Fund of Southern Switzerland

Swiss distributor:

Noha Film

HD Pictures

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