Amka Films is particularly proud to announce that

ONLY A CHILD, a collective animation short by Simone Giampaolo with the collaboration of more than 20 Swiss animation artists, has entered the shortlist of the 15 animated shorts in the running for the Oscars.

The names of the five nominees who will participate in the Oscar night in Los Angeles on 27 March 2022 will be announced on Tuesday 8 February 2022.

Simone Giampaolo, director: “I still can’t believe it. This is really an important milestone not only for the team that created Only a Child, but for the whole world of Swiss animation. We are very proud to be able to continue this adventure and we hope that more and more people will have the opportunity to appreciate our great little short film.”

Amel Soudani, COO Amka Films: “We are particularly excited about this recognition, which not only repays the great work of the artists involved, Simone Giampaolo and producer Gabriella de Gara, but also reminds us of Tiziana Soudani’s farsightedness that brought us to this beautiful goal. I would like to thank all the partners involved, first and foremost RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera SSR SRG which co-produced the film, the Federal Office of Culture, the Republic and Canton of Ticino, the Fondo FilmPlus della Svizzera italiana, the Ticino Film Commission, Cinéforom, the Göhner Stiftung, Swiss Films and all those who believed in this film and its message from the outset.”


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