Special Mention to AMAZONIAN COSMOS by Daniel Schweizer

Daniel Schweizer’s AMAZONIAN COSMOS received a Special Mention at 18° Festival internacional Signos da Noite – Lisboa 2020.

The interest in this film is based on the figure of Jaider Esbell, a Macuxi Indian artist who is particularly open and warm by whose eyes the viewer lives his peregrinations. When he decides to leave his Amazonian tribe in northern Brazil to meet the Other, the film of the Geneva filmmaker, Daniel Schweizer who follows him, camera on his shoulder, takes a surprising turn. His quest led him from the virgin forest to the streets of San Francisco to arrive in Geneva at the United Nations and end in a somewhat naive way by accompanying Bernaldina, an old woman shaman, in Rome to meet Pope Francis. The shamanic and cosmic philosophy of Jaider, in agreement with the Yanomami, calls into question our consumerist societies in a pleasant, generous and lucid way.

About the film