The shooting of ALTER EGO, a new TV series made in Ticino, produced by Amka Films and RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera SSR SRG, started on February 6th in the Bellinzona region. It will run until  April 21st.

52 actors, around 70 collaborators, including many from Ticino, and more than 500 extras: these are the numbers for ALTER EGO, a crime thriller set in the middle of Carnival, with mysterious murders, tight investigations and numerous twists and turns. The series, which will be dubbed and broadcast in the rest of Switzerland, will consist of six 45-minute episodes.

The script was written by Claudia Bellana, Carlotta Balestrieri, Andrea Valeri and Erik Bernasconi. The director is Erik Bernasconi, known to the Ticino public for his films Moka Noir, Sinestesia, Fuori Mira, and Robert Ralston, author of the TV film Il demolitore di camper.

The lead role is played by the famous Italian actor Gian Marco Tognazzi, who has worked with the greatest Italian directors, from Leonardo Pieraccioni to Michele Placido, from Gabriele Muccino to Christian De Sica and many others. The cast also includes Matteo Martari ((Im)Perfetti criminali, Fabrizio De André – Principe Libero, Luisa Spagnoli, and the TV series Non Mentire, I Medici), Maria Anolfo (TV series Città segrete, Un passo dal cielo), Roberto Citran, already directed by Erik Bernasconi in Fuori Mira and who has worked with directors such as Giuseppe Piccioni, Massimo Venier, Francesca Archibugi, Carlo Mazzacurati, the Manetti Bros., the young and promising Paola Buratto, in the cast of the recent Sky series “Call my Agent – Italy”. Swiss actors include Anna Pieri Zürcher, star of the series Tatort Zürich, the well-known actor Bruno Todeschini, as well as Andrea Zogg, Igor Horvat, Giorgia Würth, Margherita Coldesina, Tatiana Winteler, Yari Copt and Jasmin Mattei.

The series is produced by Amel Soudani, Olga Lamontanara, Michela Pini and junior producer Sarah Schiesser for Amka Films in co-production with RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera SSR SRG in collaboration with the Ticino Film Commission and in partnership with the city of Bellinzona.