Pane e tulipani

Pane e tulipani

a film by Silvio Soldini
Italy/Switzerland 2000, 35mm, 115′, o.v. Italian, sub. French/German

Festivals & Prizes

David of Donatello 2000 – 9 Awards including best film, best actress (Licia Maglietta), best actor (Bruno Ganz)
Cinéma suisse Award 2001- best actor (Bruno Ganz)
Nastri d’Argento (Italian Film Critics) 2000 – best film, best actress, best screenplay, best supporting actress, best supporting actor
1 Golden Globe (Foreign Press) 2000
9 Golden Ciak 2000
U.S. Comedy Arts Festival Aspen – best screenplay, best film and best actress
Prix de qualité 2001
Silver Gilde-Award (German Cinema Award) 2001
Pula Film Festival – Golden Arena Award for best screenplay, best actor
Festival de Cannes 2000 – Quinzaine des Réalisateurs
Toronto 2000

Best teatrical release 2000


Left behind on the motorway by the coach in which her family was travelling to Paestum, Rosalba decides without giving the matter much thought to offer herself a little holiday in Venice. Wandering around the streets of Mestre to satisfy her curiosity, but with nothing in her stomach since the morning, Rosalba ends up in a strange restaurant with a strange waiter. Penniless, she is received by the waiter Fernando as his guest, and finds a temporary job. A strange relationship grows between the two. Meanwhile at the family home in the central Italian town of Teramo, the situation reaches crisis point, as Rosalba’s husband decides to hire a private detective to look for her. When the detective arrives in Venice he manages to find Rosalba, but immediately falls in love with her neighbour and drops the case. Although the relationship between Fernando and Rosalba has grown stronger, she is forced to return home to resume old habits and the boredom of family life. With the help of the erstwhile detective and Grazia (the neighbour), Fernando decides to go to Teramo to rescue Rosalba.


"The best Italian film of the season"



"A high dynamic energy film. A story told and performed with great class by Bruno Ganz and Licia Maglietta"

"A bright and lively comedy about life and love coincidences"


Bruno Ganz, Licia Maglietta, Maria Massironi, Antonio Catania, Giuseppe Battiston
Silvio Soldini
Monogatari (Italy), Amka Films (Switzerland), RTSI- Swiss television, RAI Cinema, Istituto Luce
Swiss distribution:
Columbus Film
international sales:
Adriana Chiesa Enterprises