a documentary film by Mohammed Soudani
Switzerland 2012, HD, 96′, o.v. Italian/French/English/Spanish, sbt. English


From Montreal to Milano, via London, Lausanne, Moscow and Italian Switzerland and ending up in Mexico, a new and insightful film portrait of Daniele Finzi Pasca, from long-time friend Mohammed Soudani.
Alongside Daniele’s first piece for the stage, “Icaro” – a monologue so popular with audiences that it’s still touring worldwide in various languages – we are introduced to an impressive series of lavish hit productions, from “Rain” to “Nebbia” and down to the recent triumph of his show “Donka”, a Letter to Chekhov, in Moscow.
unbelgiocare takes us back stage for a fascinating glimpse into how Daniele puts his shows together, showing us the fine-tuned teamwork and people skills that make the company so successful.
Personal accounts from colleagues, friends and family add up to give an all-round view of a very remarkable man, whom the director terms without hesitation “the greatest manufacturer of dreams on earth”.


Mohammed Soudani
Giorgio Garini
Maria Bonzanigo
Amka Films Productions, RSI - Swiss Television