ARIAFERMA by Leonardo Di Costanzo at Venice 78th Mostra del cinema

Great critics success in Venice for Leonardo Di Costanzo’s ARIAFERMA:
“A universal and highly refined reflection on free will, compassion and humanity.” (Rolling Stone)
“A highly metaphorical and symbolic text that stages man’s difficulty in searching for (and finding) an identity” (Il
“An investigation of the human soul that plays with space and the multiplicity of points of view” (

ARIAFERMA is a tempesta production with RAI Cinema in co-production with Amka Films and RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera.

The film is set in a prison in the process of being decommissioned, where only a few officers and very few inmates are left. The small group of inmates wait to be transferred to a new prison, but day after day the wait leads them to give less and less importance to the rules, which seem to have no value any more. The prisoners find themselves forming a new, albeit very fragile, community.